Hello, I'm Chelsey.

I am a firm believer that EVERY MOMENT MATTERS. Every stage of life & milestone & maybe mostly so the mundane in-between... they're all beautiful & worthy of documentation. I feel that photographs are the only way to truly preserve what our minds (and the minds of our babies) might not be able to hold onto with the detail that our hearts do.

For me, making pictures is about much more than simply a beautiful image. It's about preserving a moment that could be cherished by your future grandchild, its about creating work that makes you FEEL something when you pass through your hallway & see it on the wall, it's about the future you that will always want to remember the little freckle on your baby's left cheek or the way their tiny hands fit so perfectly inside your own. Time is fleeting... it's the only thing we cannot get back & I don't think at the end of your life you'd ever feel like you left your loved ones too many photos to cherish. Photographs are ALMOST as precious as the people in them & I can't wait to work with you to create something special.

Photo Credit: Bushel and a Peck Photography

“MERAKI [may.rah.kee] when you do something with creativity or love: therefore putting a piece of yourself & your soul into what you do.”